Thursday, October 25, 2018

MCAO Crime Strategies Group

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has started a new group called the Crime Strategies Group.  The following information is from “Intelligence Focused Prosecution at the MCAO”, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Justice for All September 2018 newsletter The Crime Strategies Group has detectives, paralegals, prosecutors, and analysts who use technology and information sharing to identify crime trends and patterns.  Analysts work directly with law enforcement and the community to achieve successful results. After analyzing and categorizing material related to offenses and offenders, it is communicated to prosecutors so criminals and criminal activity can be stopped as soon as possible.  This system is called Intelligence Focused Prosecution (IFP). The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is one of the few prosecutor offices in the nation to use it. The Crime Strategies Group has thirteen members including crime and intel analysts, a drug intel analyst, a paralegal, and an information systems analyst.  They use a robust group of tools and information to help them identify problems, analyze data, respond, and then assess and process the results. The IFP system is based on teams and group sharing of data and information with local law enforcement agencies.  Geographically assigned prosecutors familiarize themselves with the community drivers in their assigned area and work with police and the assigned crime analysts to best address the problems and offenders. The article describes how the IFP system works: “Analysts conduct research using criminal histories, social media, open sources and plain old gumshoe detective work which often means picking up the phone and calling a detective or analyst in the city next door. The information gleaned from these sources is confirmed and vetted, and when compiled into reports, helps provide prosecutors with the rest of the story. These partnerships often result in success stories between MCAO crime analysts, prosecutors and law enforcement, much like a recent case in the West Valley that you can read more about in the following article. Looking forward, IFP will continue to create assessments based on crime data and law enforcement information to identify areas of emphasis. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery knows the IFP model will allow the Office to reduce crime, enhance public safety and ensure protection to victims, “We will continue to evolve as a strategic focused organization. This IFP approach allows us to get the most effective and meaningful response for public safety. Our crime analysts are the best of the best and their expertise gives our prosecutors focused information to help make the most important decisions.” If you are charged with one or more felonies based on work done by the MCAO Crime Strategies Group, you need an experienced defense attorney.  Attorney Gary Rohlwing has over thirty years of experience. Call him today for a free consultation.

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