Saturday, October 3, 2015

Find A DUI Attorney In Glendale, Arizona

If you have been arrested for any of the drunk driving offenses, including driving under the influence (DUI), you need to find a good DUI attorney as soon as possible. Skilled attorneys regularly negotiate reduced pleas. Their clients are more likely to keep their driver’s license and are less likely to do jail time.   What To Look For In A DUI Attorney In Glendale, AZ DUI charges are criminal matters and require the services of a criminal attorney. However, because these cases are often quite intricate and require a solid understanding of traffic law as well as details about the tests and equipment (Breathalyzers, chemical and blood tests) used during traffic stops in addition to a solid background in criminal law, the best attorney is one who maintains a specialty in this area. In addition to having criminal and traffic law expertise, it is vital that your attorney be familiar with local traffic laws as well. Local attorneys are more likely to have established relationships with judges and prosecutors working in the community. In Glendale, many citizens turn to the Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing for precisely these reasons. They receive the benefit of working with a locally based attorney with extensive experience in the field of DUI law. Learn more about the DUI legal services the Law Offices of Gary L. Rolhwing offers.   Be Prepared To Ask Your Attorney These Questions Prior to hiring an attorney, you need to do some research on their background. Come to the interview prepared to ask the following: * When and where did you go to law school and how long have you been practicing criminal law in this area? * Are you a member of the bar and which professional organizations are you a member of? * How many DUI cases do you personally handle each year and will you be the attorney working on my case? * Have you ever dealt with the prosecutor handling my case and how often have you worked at the court house where my case will be tried? * How do you generally handle cases? Are you able to negotiate plea agreements are do you take most cases to trial?   Once you have hired your lawyer and have gone over the particulars of your case with him, it is time to ask more questions.   To understand where you stand, ask these additional questions: * How does my case look? Is there any way to negotiate a plea agreement or should I plead guilty? * Is going to trial a good option for me? * Are there portions of my case that are favorable? Which parts are not favorable? * What happens at different stages of the legal process? * How can I get in touch with you if I have questions? Will you keep me updated?   Spotting A Bad DUI Attorney Now that you know what to look for in a good DUI attorney, the next step is learning how … Continue reading

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