Sunday, August 9, 2015

How An Experienced DUI Attorney Like Gary Rohlwing Can Help You

Days spent in jail. A suspended license. Thousands of dollars in fines. Being charged with a DUI offense in Arizona is no small matter, because Arizona has perhaps the severest penalties of any state for DUI convictions.

If you are charged with driving under the influence, you must do two things. First, recognize that you are in extremely serious legal trouble. Second, immediately retain an experienced DUI attorney like Gary Rohlwing to fight a system that’s tilted against you from the start. 

Perhaps you made a mistake by having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel. Well, everyone makes mistakes. The important thing now is to avoid sticking your head in the sand while hoping everything turns out okay – Arizona prosecutors are trained to go for the jugular when prosecuting DUIs. For that reason, you must retain a top-notch DUI attorney to protect you in the coming legal battle. 

Arizona divides DUI offenses into two categories based on the level of a driver's blood alcohol content. If the level is .149 percent or lower, the offense is considered "basic." Anything .15 percent or higher is considered “extreme.” A conviction for a first, basic DUI offense carries minimum mandatory penalties of:

-          1 to 3 days in jail
-          $2,100 fine plus jail costs
-          License suspended for 30 days
-          Ignition lock for one year
There’s also the added indirect cost of auto insurance premiums which skyrocket after a DUI. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have your blood alcohol level measured at .15 or above, then the charges will be for an extreme DUI, carrying the following mandatory minimum penalties:

-          30 days in jail
-          $2,500 fine plus jail costs
-          License suspended for 90 days
-          Ignition lock for one year

Again, your auto insurance premiums will also increase drastically.
  These penalties don’t exist in a vacuum – they also have real world implications. How are you going to get to and from work? How will your employer react after learning you will be absent so you can serve time in jail for a criminal conviction? As painful as the penalties are for driving under the influence, the impact on your career and future can be far worse. 

How Gary Rohlwing Can Help
The way to handle this nightmare is to retain an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Gary Rohlwing has been practicing law in Arizona for more than 30 years. Even more importantly, he is a former prosecutor. That means he is intimately familiar with the methods the government uses to evaluate and prosecute DUI cases – knowledge that is often the key to getting charges dismissed or winning at trial.

Attorney Rohlwing knows the Arizona legal system inside and out. His decades of experience give him the ability to expertly evaluate your DUI case, and determine if your best approach is to fight the charges at trial, or negotiate a plea deal which will minimize penalties to the greatest extent possible.

Take Action – Now
A DUI prosecution will be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life, and to be perfectly blunt, the legal system is stacked against you. You need the very best DUI attorney you can find who will stand in your corner and fight for you: Gary Rohlwing.

Pick up the phone and contact him – before it’s too late.

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